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Advance Pet Care is a free theme for WordPress created by themeshopy.

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Advance Pet Care is a robust, reliable and clean WordPress theme for pet house, dog washing, dog grooming centre, animal care centre, pet shop, animal health consultant, animal spa, wildlife, pet sellers, pet sitters, aquariums, fish food, pet boarding, dog & puppy daycare or pet sitting pet adoption centers, veterinary doctors, blue cross-service volunteers, apiculture, Doggie Day Care, Dog Training, Birdwatching, wildlife photographer, animal hygine, Animal welfare, Dog & cat breeds, Unusual pets, Animal sanctuaries, Pet-Finding Business beekeeping, fish breeding, hatchery, pet trainers, pet shelters, pet care centers, dog care, aquarium shops, cat food shops, animal accessories store, animal grooming and training, pet food shop and other suitable websites. This high quality theme is the best solution to build a professional looking website in just a few minutes. The foundation of this pet WP theme is made with Bootstrap framework which eases theme use. It is fully responsive, cross-browser compatible, deeply customizable and compatibility of this theme lets you translate the web page into ar_Arabic, zh_Chinese, fr_French, de_German, es_Spanish, it_Italian, ja_Japanese, ru_Russian, tr_Turkish languages. Demo:

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