Top 14+ Best WordPress Themes for Authors and Writers 2023

We have compiled a list of the best WordPress themes for authors and compared these different WordPress themes with each other on their features, pricing, design and general usability.

Authors and writers use their own website to sell their books. This allows them to bypass the middleman, which can lead to higher profits from book sales.

The website also serves as a platform for a writer's work, a way to showcase their expertise, and a means for connecting with other creatives. It also provides the opportunity to share latest news, share photos from events, and respond to any fan mail.

In this article, we have compiled a list of the best WordPress themes for authors.

To find out which are the best WordPress themes for authors, we tested different themes and came up with this list of the best WordPress themes for authors.

We compared these different WordPress themes with each other on their features, pricing, design and general usability.

Astra Site Templates

Astra Theme offers four WordPress site templates for authors and writers:

Bestselling Author (Astra)

Beststelling Author" is a WordPress Theme that’s both stylish and responsive. It features an elegant design that complements images and text with ease, making it perfect for authors and writers to showcase their work in style.

This is a brilliant theme for any author website as it sets the focus on book covers with large images and great colors.

Bestselling Author Site Template

Bestselling Author Site Template

Book Store (Astra)

This theme was built to help writers and creatives get their work seen. It comes with a beautiful book cover screen and a blog-style layout that helps readers get more immersed in the story. It comes with a similar structure as Bestselling Author theme but has a differenty style with cooler colors and other parts such as sections for audiobooks and youtube videos.

Book Store Site Template

Book Store Site Template

e-Book Author (Astra)

This e-Book Author WordPress theme is a perfect choice for a writer, a blogger, or anyone who wants to use WordPress to create and publish their own eBooks. The theme has been created with the focus on writers in mind. The book cover can be customized from the admin panel, and all of your book pages will be templated with the versatile Gutenberg editor.

e-Book Author Site Template

e-Book Author Site Template

Author (Astra)

The “Author” theme for WordPress is a beautiful and practical theme with a focus on readability and usability. It includes all the features you need to create your book, novel, or other type of web content. It also comes with a large screen on the front page which sets the focus on the book cover.

Author Site Template

Author Site Template

Divi Site Templates

Divi Theme has two very nice site templates for authors, writers and creatives:

Author (Divi)

Divi is a powerful theme that's perfect for authors and writers with its many page templates. You can create your website in no time, and with no coding knowledge. The author site template is perfect for highlighting book covers, author information and reviews.

Author Divi Site Template

Divi Author Site Template

Magazine Authors (Divi)

The Magazine Authors Divi site template theme is perfect for authors and writers. This is a Divi layout that has been optimized for publishing articles, books, and e-books. You can use this page to share your work with readers or potential readers.

Magazine Authors Divi Site Template

Divi Magazine Authors Site Template

GeneratePress Site Template

Liberte (GeneratePress)

The Liberte theme is perfect for creatives, writers and authors looking for a blank canvas to write their next masterpiece. It comes with a beautiful color palette and designed elements such as buttons and forms.

Liberte Site Template

Liberte Site Template

Neve Site Template

Ebook (Neve)

Neve is a WordPress theme that’s specifically designed for writers, bloggers, authors, and publishers of ebooks. It comes with customizable post types for books, blog posts, articles and excerpts.

The Ebook Site Template is crafted especially towards authors who want to present their ebooks, reviews and all the stories which are part of it.

Ebook Neve Site Template

Ebook Neve Site Template

Audio Books (Neve)

The Audio Books (Neve) WordPress site template is a great theme for creatives and audio book enthusiasts. It features a clean and simple design that will attract your audience.

Audio Books Neve Site Template

Audio Books Neve Site Template

Copywriter (Neve)

The Copywriter (Neve) WordPress site template is an outstanding solution for copywriters to save time and improve efficiency. The theme includes a full page layout with generous space for writing content, different blog layouts, and multiple portfolio layouts.

Copywriter Neve Site Template

Copywriter Neve Site Template

More Free Author WordPress Themes


This is a free theme for authors and writers. The Author theme has all the features to help you promote your book, blog, or other creative work. It includes many customizable features like sidebars, unique layouts, template styles, and more.

Author Theme

Author Blog

The “Author Blog” WordPress theme is perfect for any author, writer or creative who wants to share their stories with the world. This theme has clean lines and typography with an elegant design that helps your content stand out on any device.

Author Blog Theme

Author Landing Page

Author Landing Page is a theme created for authors and writers. It is fully responsive with many customization options to make your website stand out.

Author Landing Page Theme


Writee is a WordPress theme specially designed for authors and writers. It has a clean and minimal design that focuses all the attention on the content. It also includes several pages such as about, contact, about the author, blog, portfolio and more to create a beautiful website with just a few clicks.

Writee Theme


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