Top 12+ Best WordPress Themes for Video Websites 2023

Handpicked list of the best WordPress themes for video websites. These wordpress themes are designed to make your video content stand out.

Creating a video website with WordPress is easy as there are many themes available specifically tailored to work perfectly with video based websites and video content in general including things like vlogs, podcasts, youtube or vimeo videos, or other multimedia rich content.

To build your own video website with WordPress you need to choose the theme accordingly. Some themes work better for reviews, while some are better for tutorials. There are also many themes which lets you integrate fullscreen video backgrounds. Some of them even have settings and features to handle video playlists, episodes and different content formats.

Before choosing a theme you need to be sure what your requirements are. Our recommendation is to go through this list of WordPress themes for video websites, open up the demo websites in your browser and get a feel for the themes. Make sure to pick the right one by checking on the features which are included.

Let's start.

1. VideoTube

The VideoTube theme is one of the most popular WordPress themes for video based websites. It was designed from the ground up to be a video website with all of the features you need.

Features include video thumbnails, video player with pause and play buttons, HTML5 code for design, responsive design for mobile devices and more.

You can easily embed videos, self host your videos, let users submit videos and the theme automatically generates video thumbnails for you. Inlcuded is also the popular WordPress page builder plugin WPbakery page builder.

VideoTube Theme

2. Betube

Another theme for WordPress, “Betube”, has arisen to fill the need for a modern and sleek theme that is optimized for video websites. With this theme, users can have their own video website up and running in no time.

Betube created a stunning, minimalist and elegant design with full and fixed width layouts. You will be able to enjoy the latest design trends with beautifully designed templates that provide fully functional video websites within minutes.

It is really worth to take a look at this theme and the previews as it comes with a nice and clean design with many different dark and light mode versions which makes it a really pleasant WordPress theme to look at.

Betube Theme

3. Vlogger (Astra)

‘Vlogger’ is a fully responsive WordPress theme beautifully crafted to be used for video blogs and vloggers. Built with care, it has all the tools you need to create an engaging video blog that your readers will love.

It has a very nice design with large images, bold typography and focuses on embedded videos and links to channels on video platfroms.

For video bloggers this is the perfect WordPress theme.

Vlogger Theme

4. ExS Video Theme

ExS Video is a premium WordPress theme that was built for video websites, but also comes in a free version with a lot of features already enabled. This theme has been designed with the latest technologies and trends to offer the best experience possible.

The theme goes more into the direction of a video platform website which focuses on a great layout for a video overview page with a top search bar, similar to popular video platforms such as youtube or vimeo. It not only works well for video based pages, but also for normal posts and pages. Also the comments section is beautifully crafted and will make sure that your videos create some engagement.

For someone who wants to build up an own video portal website or just wants to create a personal website space for his or her videos and video based content, this theme might be the perfect theme to do that.

ExS Video Theme

5. Video Blog (Neve)

Video Blog is a beautiful, modern and fully responsive WordPress Theme which can be used for all types of video blogging websites.

Video Blog (Neve) Theme

6. Movie Showcase (Neve)

This template is perfect for those who want to showcase their favorite movies and TV shows, with a slick and modern design. The default skin has a dark background to give it that cinematic feel. Video players allow you to easily upload, embed, and stream videos right from your site.

Movie Showcase (Neve) Theme

7. Video Agency (Neve)

If you are a video production company, film studio, or have anything to do with videos, this theme is for you. The Video Agency Theme is a beautiful and sleek design that will look good on any screen size.

Video Agency (Neve) Theme

8. Video Game (Divi)

This one does not exactly fit into the categories of the other themes, but we thought it should also be mentioned here.

Video Game Theme from Divi is perfect for video gaming websites. The theme offers a variety of layouts and styles to make your website unique. Features such as custom fonts, an image gallery, and a video section allows you to showcase all that you have to offer. With Divi, you can be up and running in no time with a beautiful video gaming website template.

Video Game (Divi) Theme

9. Videomaker

VideoMaker is a free WordPress theme for video websites. With VideoMaker, you can create an online video website to share your videos with friends, family, and the world. It comes with all the tools you need to publish high-quality videos on the web.

This theme comes with a dark design and black backgrounds with white fonts perfect for video content.

Videomaker Theme

10. Video Blog

Video Blog is a free WordPress theme for video websites. It has a nice joyful look that will be perfect for video blogs, reviews, tutorials and more. This free theme has a responsive design that adapts to different devices. It also includes all the elements you need to create an amazing blog in minutes.

Video Blog Theme

11. Videography

This free, responsive design is perfect for video bloggers and people who want to share their newest work with the world. It includes a full-screen, responsive Slider with smooth CCS animations, plugin integrations and many different colors to choose from.

Videography Theme

12. VideoMag

VideoMag is a free WordPress theme, perfect for video websites. It comes with a pre-built homepage and includes all the features you need to build a successful video website.

VideoMag Theme


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