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Fastest WordPress theme is one of the most lightweight, search engine friendly and schema ready theme available for free. It is designed for professional magazines and personal blogging websites. It comes with custom featured section where you can show latest or most popular posts on your site in modern grid style. Just below the featured posts section, it has an advertisement section where you can add standard 728 X 90 Google AdSense or banner advertisements. Furthermore, it comes with an integrated recent post with thumbnail widget which is handcrafted especially for this theme. Fastest wordpress theme comes with integrated support for breadcrumb navigation and social media buttons. Both of these options can be controlled via WordPress customiser. With just one single click you can either show them or disable them on single post pages. The social media buttons are specially designed to match the layout and the content structure of this theme. They are not only mobile responsive, great looking, but they are also really super fast. You ask why, well because no external javascript files are loaded. Its just 68 lines of pure PHP, HTML code and 200 bytes of CSS.Furthermore, this theme doesnt use any sort of external scalable font icons like font awesome or ionic. Adding support for these fonts would have only made this template slow. So we have handpicked 18 important icons and have built our own font which is included with this theme for free. Now lets talk a bit about the flexibility of this template. With the help of WordPress customiser, you can customise colors of various elements of this template. For example, you can change the color of the header area, navigation, sub-menu, and dropdown icon. Not only that, you can even change the hyperlinks and the :hover CSS effects.For all those website owners and bloggers who want to make their homepage more appealing, this theme comes with featured hero banner section. You have the freedom to determine the height of the image, but its suggested not to have more than 650px. Suggested width is 1980px to offer better viewing experience on screens with higher resolutions. You even get an option to add text to the featured hero banner. To give you, even more, control over the design, the color of the text can be modified via customizer.If you are a blogger or an affiliate marketer then you should use themes which has integrated support for a schema markup. Schema markups are necessary as they help search engines especially Google to better understand the content of your website and thus helps to boost your site presents on search engine result pages.

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