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Styled Store is a free theme for WordPress created by dgthemes.

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Styled Store is an astonishingly elegant WordPress theme designed for your WooCommerce shop and gives a brilliant look and texture to your website. Styled Store is an amazing and admirable resource, which is exceptional in safety and security and inclusively rich in feature. It is lightweight and fast in loading, especially easy to use and install, flexible and functional, easily customizable, responsive, versatile, intuitive interface WordPress website theme. This WordPress theme delivers you imperative features and highly progressive functions to make your website more professional such as Widgetize WooCommerce Homepage, Blog Layout, Blog customizer settings, Banner position, Woocommerce Customizer settings, Slider option, multiple custom widgets and more. These management tools make your online store more prominent which makes it easy to sell your products efficiently.

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Styled Store
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#blog #custom-background #custom-header #custom-logo #custom-menu #e-commerce #featured-image-header #featured-images #full-width-template #left-sidebar #right-sidebar #threaded-comments #translation-ready #two-columns


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