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VW Charity NGO is a free theme for WordPress created by VW THEMES.

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Theme Description

VW Charity NGO is a minimal WordPress theme to design your charity website in the most beautiful way. The theme is useful for those who run a charity, NGO, trust, donation camp, foundations or a non-profit organisation. It can be used by those who often organise fundraising events, community organization, agenda to bring change, save water, enviromental agendas, law and public policy, environmental, human rights, veteran rights, wildlife prevention, wildlife protection, Vegan drive, One-Day Online Fundraiser, Donation Match Drive, Craft Fair to Raise Funds, caretaker, philanthropy, covid relief funds, organ donation awareness, amnesty, disaster relief template, blood donation camps, welfare activities, Causes, Crowdfunding, gala, protest, injustice, fundraiser, campaign, social work, donate, foundation, churches, Helping Hands, charitable organizations, non-government organizations ,Church, volunteer, conservation, activism, change in society, community support, old age, foster home, child welfare NGO and campaigns etc. It has all the features which make it a perfect charity wordpress theme but it can be used for multiple purposes as to write a blog on charity activities and welfare related things or as a portfolio. It has a fully responsive layout and cross-browser compatibility. The NGO theme is written in clean and secure codes. It is SEO-friendly which makes it rank higher in search engine results. It has a testimonial section where people can express their views on your charity work. The VW Charity NGO theme has a banner and call to action (CTA) button, diffrent post formats, Custom Colors and many more. It has social media icons embedded to make your content reach wider audience. The theme can be customized to change its colour, background, logo, font etc. The theme has interactive and stunning user-interface to show your charity work in the best possible way. It is translation ready to entertain audience of various regions. Demo: https://www.vwthemes.net/vw-charity-ngo-pro/

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