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Weaver Xtreme is a free theme for WordPress created by wpweaver.

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Weaver Xtreme - One Theme to Design Them All. Looking for a WordPress theme that lets you take full control of your website's design, but don't want a Block Theme? Meet Weaver Xtreme, the original options-based theme that provides all the features and tools you need to create a stunning site without requiring extensive custom CSS or a child theme. With over a decade of development, and input from tens of thousands of users, Weaver Xtreme is a great choice for both beginners and advanced designers. ——»Weaver Xtreme makes it easy to design a site for any purpose using the WP Customizer interface, whether it's for a blog, business, photography, organization, CMS, or anything else. The theme is fully responsive and automatically optimizes your site for mobile devices, with flexible layouts for sidebars and widget areas. You can easily create full-width designs for desktops, with options for Featured Images, the Header, and Menus. And for content creators, the theme supports both the Classic and Block Editors, and matches your styling design while editing content. It is also compatible with popular plugins like Elementor, SiteOrigin, and WooCommerce. ——»The free version of Weaver Xtreme provides multiple subthemes to choose from as starting points, and the Customizer allows you to adjust your site's appearance to your exact specifications. The theme screenshot is just one example of the endless design possibilities. The theme includes support for over 20 languages, and others are available through the WordPress translation project. If you want even more features, the premium Weaver Xtreme Plus add-on has you covered. ——»Once you try Weaver Xtreme, you'll see why it's the ultimate theme for anyone who wants total design control over their website design, while supporting matching WYSIWYG content creation. See a demo of all the features at Weaver Xtreme Demo and discover the freedom of total design control.

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