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WordPress Hosting Service Guide with FAQ 2023

How to find the best WordPress Hosting for your website

In this WordPress Hosting comparison we show you the best providers and services to host your WordPress website in 2021. WordPress hosting should be fast and performant, feature-rich and secure.

There are many different web hosting providers out there, but choosing one can be a daunting task. For this reason, we have compiled a list of things that you need to know before making the purchase decision.

Best WordPress Hosting Services - Overview

Host Price / month Type More Info
bluehost $2.95 Beginner Show Details
siteground $3.99 Beginner Show Details
bluehost $2.95 Beginner Show Details
bluehost $3.99 Beginner Show Details
bluehost $4.99 Beginner Show Details
bluehost $30 Advanced Show Details
bluehost $25 Advanced Show Details

(Please note: Prices may not be 100 % accurate as providers are often changing their prices due to discounts etc.)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is WordPress Hosting and How Does it Actually Work?

WordPress is a very popular content management system (CMS) and blogging system. WordPress is made of free and open-source software (FOSS), which has been used by millions of individuals, businesses, and organizations to create websites. It lets you create a website or blog quickly and easily without coding skills.

WordPress hosting is the service that provides the infrastructure to power your website - including web servers, storage space, networking equipment, data centers and more.

There are two types of WordPress hosting: managed WordPress hosting and unmanaged hosting.

Managed WordPress hosting companies provide you with server space to host your site as well as regular updates to secure your site against hackers. The other type is unmanaged hosting which does not provide regular upgrades nor do they offer their own security features such as firewalls and more.

For a good WordPress hosting there are some specific requirements a hosting provider should fulfill. It is worth taking a closer look at the differences between all the services.

WordPress was never more popular than now. This is of course very good because it leads to a lot of competition among the hosting providers and leaves you with a large selection of services to choose from.

What are the Basic Requirements for Hosting a WordPress Website

These are the officially recommended server requirements to host a WordPress website:

  • PHP version 7.4 or greater.
  • MySQL version 5.6 or greater OR MariaDB version 10.1 or greater.
  • HTTPS support

But you do not need to have this in mind if you are not a technical person who is setting up the server by himself. A lot of hosting companies are specialized on WordPress hosting solutions and they are managing everything technically about servers and infrastructure.

Nevertheless, these are the features you should look out for when checking different WordPress hosting services:

  • High Speed and Performance
  • Unlimited (or high enough) Bandwith/Traffic
  • Fast and Enough SSD Storage
  • Good Location/Redundancy of Webservers
  • Automatic Backup Solutions
  • Security Solutions
  • SSL Certificates
  • Automatic WordPress Updates
  • Newest PHP Version

How Much Does A WordPress Website Cost To Host?

Hosting is the backbone of any website, with most people opting for a hosting package with their domain name. Hosting companies offer various packages to suit every budget, with most being surprisingly affordable.

Since most people are looking for budget options, it's important to find out the average cost of WordPress website hosting in order not to overspend.

WordPress hosting prices depend primarily on how much storage you need and how many visitors your site attracts. The average hosting price for WordPress is around $5 per month, with some packages costing as little as $2 to 3$ per month.

Should I choose normal WordPress hosting or Managed Hosting?

If you are a beginner, if you start a WordPress website, if you want to create a blog - then usually normal hosting packages for WordPress are totally fine and performant for your use cases.

Doing this you do not expect so many visitors at first coming to your website. Starter/Basic/Lite plans should give you more than enough speed and performance until your website grows and you need to scale up your hosting solution.

Managed WordPress hosting often comes with various benefits. Speed, performance and bandwith can deal with thousands and tens of thousands of daily visitors to your site. If you already have a large website which you want to migrate to WordPress, then you should pick a managed hosting service.

Also managed packages often include other benefits such as free access to premium themes and plugins, analytics services, security solutions, development options and more.

If you need this for your website then a managed WordPress hosting provider is the best choice, but it is also of course a bit more costly than entry level plans.

Which Hosting should I use for small websites and blogs?

Small WordPress websites and simple blogs with not so many visitors can normally be hosting on the starter plans and packages of the hosting providers.

If you start a WordPress website this is the go-to solution which is also the cheapest possibility to get good hosting for your site. This can even be shared hosting if you dont expect your website reach that many visitors in the beginning.

Also it is most often easily possible to upgrade the hosting package in case you feel or experience that a starter plan is not enough or you reach the limits of it.

Which Hosting is perfect for company WordPress websites and larger websites?

Building a company WordPress website or in general a larger WordPress website which should handle many thousand requests per day you should pick a more professional hosting package to make sure that your visitors have a fast and performant experience browsing through your site.

It all breaks down to how many visitors you can expect for your website. A managed WordPress hosting solution is recommended here.

Which Hosting is best for Ecommerce/WooCommerce/Online-shops?

An ecommerce website usually has a lot more requirements and needs than a smaller website.

Especially if your product catalog grows to thousands of entries or your online shop reaches high popularity and many many page visits a day, you need a solid server hosting solution which can handle the incoming traffic and requests.

You should aim for a solution with separate CPU cores dedicated to your hosting package, enough RAM (4 GB or more) and enough storage for your databases, product catalogs, images, descriptions, etc.

Free WordPress Hosting?

Do not use free WordPress hosting.

There might be some offers out there for free WordPress hosting services. Our recommendation is to not use them. Various problems are known to these providers.

If you dont pay for a hosting solution you also cannot claim anything in case of system failures, outages, low response times or your site just going down.


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